About - Mirja Winkelmann
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About Mirja and her work

Works as freelance illustrator, artist and graphic designer for many magazines and newspapers. Have a look at her portfolio.
In March she will also get famous as an author, when her first book „Zwei Bilder – ein Wort, Das Rätselbuch”  will be released by Prestel, Random House.

say: hello (ät) frauwinkelmann.de
or call: + 49 (0) 177 777 28 06

She also works as a editorial designer for a lot of magazines. By example as Art Director for „Salon“, „Dogs Magazine“, „ZEIT Leo“, „Hinz&Kunzt“. She also develops New Magazines, works on relaunches to give them a great attitude. For samples of her editorial works, just give her a message so she can inform you about her talents.